What are the differences between NT and 9x profiles?

A. The first differences is that difference files are used:

Windows NT Windows 9x
NTuser.dat User.dat
NTuser.dat.LOG User.da0
NTuser.man User.man

The Windows 9x User.da0 and the NT NTuser.dat.Log files work in a different way. Everytime you log off in Windows 9x a copy of User.dat is copied to to User.da0. Windows NT uses NTuser.dat.LOG as a transaction log file to provide fault tolerance. This allows Windows NT to recover the user profile if a problem occurs while Windows NT is updating NTuser.dat.

This obviously means you can't share a profile between the two OS's. Other differences include:

  • Windows 95 does not support common groups
  • Windows 95 user profiles do not copy all desktop items, copied items are restricted to shortcuts (.lnk) and program information (.pif) files.
  • Windows 95 user profiles don’t support a centrally stored Default User profile.
  • Windows 95 clients don’t use the Windows NT Server profile path to obtain roaming user profiles. They can be retrieved only from the user’s home directory.
  • To use mandatory user profiles on computers running Windows 95 on a Windows NT Server network, an administrator must create a custom user profile for each user and copy the user profile files to each user’s home directory.
  • Windows 95 does not support the Application Data folder that makes up the folders structure.

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