What actions occur when I click Repair on a network connection in Windows XP and later?

A. If you right-click a network connection and select Status, Windows displays information about the connection's speed, duration of connection, and packet activity. For XP and later, a Repair option appears on the Support tab. When you click Repair, Windows attempts to resolve a range of problems. Specifically, the OS

  • Attempts to renew the DHCP lease, if the connection obtains its IP address through DHCP, using a broadcast message.
  • Flushes the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache using the command
    arp -d * 
  • Flushes the NetBIOS cache using the command
    nbtstat -R
  • Flushes the DNS cache using the command
    ipconfig /flushdns
  • Reregisters the NetBIOS name and IP address with WINS using the command
    nbtstat -RR 
  • Reregisters the computer name and IP address with DNS using the command
    ipconfig /registerdns
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