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Video interviews with Microsoft next week

One of the best parts of going to a Microsoft conference is getting a chance to talk to representatives of the product development teams and the speakers. But if you're not attending next week's TechEd conference in Orlando, you can still ask questions and see the 'Softies answer. Either put your questions into the comments section below, or email me at [email protected]. I'll ask Microsoft to address them, and you can see the results in videos attached to this blog.
Here are the Microsoft teams I've scheduled meetings with so far: Windows Server 2008 (formerly known as Longhorn), security (Forefront, Network Access Protection--NAP, etc.), Visual Studio, SQL Server, Vista, and Windows Mobile. I'll be reporting on the announcements they'll be making at TechEd, so here's your chance to find out what these announcements will mean to you.
Let me know what aspects of each of these products you want to know about. For example, what do you want to ask about Windows Server Virtualization (aka Hypervisor)? What other Longhorn features are you interested in learning about? Are you interested in how Windows Server 2008 features such as NAP will work with Windows Vista? What other security technologies are you interested in learning about? Are you curious about SQL Server's next version, codenamed Katmai? What do you want to know about the launches of Visual Studio Orcas and Katmai? If you are a non-database specialist who has to support SQL Server in SharePoint, WSUS, Forefront, System Center Operations Manager, or other products, what features would you like to learn about in Katmai?
I'm especially interested in your needs for information about Vista. In my commentary for next week's Vista UPDATE email newsletter, I'll be reporting on TechEd, so I'll track down answers if you let me know what you want me to cover.
The editors of Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Magazine will also be judging and presenting awards for the best third-party products at TechEd. I'll be meeting with the exhibiting vendors, so send me your questions for them, as well.
TechEd is always fun and provides a wealth of information. My task is to pass along to you the most interesting stuff going on there. You can help me by letting me know what would be most valuable for you. Thank you!

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