VMworld Europe 2009: A Look Back

The curtain has fallen on VMworld Europe 2009, which VMware claims drew more than 4,700 attendees and more than 100 exhibitors and sponsors. It's made for an eventful week filled with virtualization news, including:

VMware vShield Zones - Virtual appliances that helps enforce security and regulatory policies for customers adopting cloud computing.

VMware Client Virtualization Platform (CVP) - A new bare-metal client hypervisor designed to take advantage of Intel vPro technology.

VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat - A new product that provides managing and monitoring capability for the automatic failover features of VMware vCenter Server.

Virtual Infrastructure 4 = vSphere - VMware also announced that the next version of their Virtual Infrastructure product would go by the name of vSphere, and be an integral part of their overall cloud computing strategy.

Citrix XenServer Enterprise Goes Free - Hoping to put some additional pressure on VMware, Citrix announced that the enterprise edition of Citrix XenServer would be available for free.

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