Vista Pricing Revealed

Online retailer has begun taking preorders for various Windows Vista versions, which will be available January 30, 2007, according to Not surprisingly, the prices that lists for Vista are quite similar to the roughly equivalent Windows XP versions.

According to, the prices for Vista are as follows:

Vista Home Basic: $199.00
Vista Home Basic Upgrade: $99.95
Vista Home Basic Upgrade (Additional License Only): $89.95

Vista Home Premium: $239.00
Vista Home Premium Upgrade: $159.00
Vista Home Premium Upgrade (Additional License Only): $143.00

Vista Business: $299.00
Vista Business Upgrade: $199.00
Vista Business Upgrade (Additional License Only): $179.00

Vista Ultimate: $399.00
Vista Ultimate Upgrade: $259.00
Vista Ultimate Upgrade (Additional License Only): $233.00

Although not every Vista version correlates exactly with an XP version, the pricing is in line with XP pricing. For example, XP Home costs $189.00, compared with $199.99 for Vista Home Basic, and the XP Home Upgrade costs $89.97, only two cents more than the Vista Home Basic Upgrade. Upsells won't be particularly expensive either: Prices for the much more capable Vista Home Premium are just $40 to $60 higher than those of Vista Home Basic. doesn't yet show the box art that Microsoft will use for its Vista retail versions. Earlier this week, Microsoft Canada also slipped with a bit of Vista pricing information: The company's Web site briefly reported that Vista Ultimate would cost $450 in Canadian dollars.

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