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Video Game Fans Disappointed at 2005 CES

The 2005 International CES show was filled wall-to-wall with new devices, ranging from big-screen TV to portable music players, but one thing that was seriously lacking from the show was video games. Gaming is a huge industry and plays a big part in consumer electronics, but the show lacked much gaming news. The most notable absence was the next version of Microsoft's Xbox. Microsoft decided against using the show to announce any details about Xbox 2, instead discussing the momentum of the current Xbox and talking about some upcoming titles. The only video game excitement we experienced was a look at Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) gaming device. The PSP was launched late last year in Japan, and Sony confirmed at the show that the device would launch in North America in March. Although the company didn't provide much detail about the launch, Sony says the release will include many titles, including versions of Grand Theft Auto, FIFA Soccer, MVP Baseball, NBA Street: Showdown, Need For Speed Underground Rivals, NFL Street 2: Unleashed, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour. We also saw some widescreen movies running on the PSP and were extremely impressed with the device's screen. It's certainly going to give Nintendo a run for its money in the portable-gaming market

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