Undelete Utility - 09 Sep 2003

For the second consecutive year, our readers handed the Best Undelete Utility award to Executive Software for Undelete 3.0. Accidental file deletions can have serious consequences, ranging from lengthy and expensive restorations from tape to the loss of an employee's job. Think of Undelete as cheap insurance.

Undelete's Recovery Bin—which safely replaces the Windows Recycle Bin—captures all deleted files, such as files that you delete over a network or other files that the Recycle Bin misses. You can later restore deleted files quickly and easily, either from the local machine or over the network. When you consider the time and cost of restoring from tape, Undelete can pay for itself after just one recovery.

The software's Undelete From Disk feature lets you recover files that have been purged from the Recovery Bin, and Emergency Undelete recovers files that were deleted before you installed Undelete (provided the files haven't been overwritten). Version 3.0 also features SecureDelete, which permanently deletes files so that confidential data doesn't get into the wrong hands. Like other Executive Software products, Undelete features an easy-to-use GUI but also offers a command-line interface and sophisticated filtering function for advanced users.

Executive Software
Burbank, California
818-771-1600 or 800-829-6468
$259.95 for Undelete 3.0 Server and $49.95 for Undelete 3.0 Workstation; volume discounts available
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