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U2 Album Pirated; No Plans for Early iTunes Release

Despite publicly promising that it would release its new album to Apple Computer's iTunes service if it was pirated online, the members of the rock band U2 now say they will adhere to the previously scheduled November 23 release date. The band's album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, features the hit song "Vertigo," which has been made famous by its inclusion in high-profile Apple advertisements. And if you're into music piracy, it's apparently available online now on file-sharing sites. Early reports about the new album are mixed: Most of the posts we've seen refer to it as "boring" and "slow," which doesn't bode well for future (legitimate) downloads and sales. Previously, the band had feared that an early version of Atomic was going to be posted online after a CD copy of the recording was stolen in Paris last July

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