Twitter Tweeters Twack Twestival Today

Online and in person gatherings celebrate Twitter

I’m in the Loveland office on a cold, sunny day, writing about Twitter as my stomach growls and keyboards click in editors’ offices. Hurry.

You get 140 characters to express the most banal thought as well as the deepest insight or heartfelt emotion: That’s Twitter.

The idea was, you answer the question: “What are you doing” and people read it without having to respond. Love it or hate it, Twitter is

fast becoming a social networking mainstay of early 21st century connected life. Today’s first Twitter Festival, or Twestival, kicks off

in hundreds of cities around the world as Those Who Tweet gather to meet in person and in the process support a non-profit organization

that brings clean water to those who don’t have it. There are many in this situation. But back to Twitter’s Twestival—check it out.

I promise never to do this again.

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