Is there anyway to output performance logs directly to a comma separated file?

A. The Windows NT Resource Kit ships with the PerfLog service which can output data directly to a file in with comma or tab separated format. To install perform the following:

  1. Copy the files below from the NT resource kit installation dir\PerfTool\LogTools to the %systemroot%\system32
    - pdlcnfig.exe
    - pdh.dll
    - pdlsvc.exe
    - perflog.hlp
    - perflog.cnt
  2. Run the pdlcnfig executable to install the service
  3. Click OK to install the service
  4. The Performance Data Log Service dislaog box will be displayed with 2 tabs allowing Counters to be added and the location of the file to be output to.

To start the service select from the Services control panel applet and click start. You can also start from the command prompt using

C:\>net start "performance data log"

To change the config at a later time just rerun the PDLCNFIG.EXE image.

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