Symantec's New Evidence Collection and Transfer Tools

Symantec announced the release of two new connectors for its Enterprise Vault platform that help automate the collection and transfer of electronic evidence. The connectors will help companies ensure regulatory compliance and assist in producing evidence as needed for litigation.

Enterprise Vault provides archival facilities and backup and restore tools, plus helps with mailbox management and optimization of storage. The two new connectors work with Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator to provide a chain of auditable custody of evidence collected from systems on the network. The evidence can then be transfered to third-party analysis and review products.

"Customers need to work with a number of different internal departments, law firms and service providers when it comes to collecting, preserving, reviewing, presenting and defending evidence," said Nick Mehta, vice president at Symantec.

The new E-Discovery Collection Connector allows products, such as EnCase, to collect evidence from a system and then transfer that data into Enterprise Vault. The new E-Discovery Review Connector automates the transfer of data to third-party products. Symantec said that products from companies such as Attenex Corporation, Clearwell, Kazeon and MetaLINCS are able to use the open connector to pull information directly from the archive.

"Enterprise Vault's open approach to e-Discovery enables integration with third-party applications that extend the value of the archive and offer customers their choice of e-Discovery applications. The tight integration between the archive and these applications reduces the potential risks and cost of manually moving records, or worse, not being able to produce all records required by an e-Discovery order," said Mehta.

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