Symantec Releases pcAnywhere 10.5 with Secure Remote Control

Symantec announced the release of pcAnywhere 10.5, which includes a new security assessment tool and improved installation routines for Windows XP. As part of the improved installation, users can now install pcAnyhwere on a remote host without rebooting the computer. The new security assessment tool helps users diagnose the security of the host computer to expose potential problems. Users can adjust the security configuration of pcAnywhere to help eliminate any risks. In addition, pcAnywhere now logs port scans against the machine and any failed logon attempts.

"As the need to save valuable time and IT resources continues to rise, IT administrators and mobile workers need solutions that offer secure access to remote machines," said Joe Wang, vice president of Symantec Enterprise Administration. "pcAnywhere 10.5 will offer customers the ease-of-use and confidence needed to remotely connect to another machine located anywhere in the world."

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