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Swatch Hits the SPOT with New Watch

Reminding the world that its Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) is still alive, Microsoft announced that watchmaker Swatch will launch a youth-targeted line of SPOT watches. The new Paparazzia watch line features four different multicolor styles and is a bit smaller than the first-generation SPOT watches from other companies. The watch will use Microsoft's MSN Direct service to receive personalized information such as news and sports scores. Paparazzia users will also have access to an exclusive new information channel that will provide entertainment-related content from Time Out, a publisher of local city guides around the world. Paparazzia watches won't come cheap, though: Retail price will be $150, which is significantly more expensive than most Swatch watches. Out of the box, the watch will receive local weather, news, headlines, and stock index levels for free from MSN Direct. Users can subscribe for $40 per year to receive personalized content, and for an additional $20 a year they can receive Instant Messaging (IM) and calendar reminders. Expect this watch to be all the rage with the kids this holiday season ... or not

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