Spain Begins Antitrust Probe of Microsoft

Spain's antitrust agency, the National Competition Commission, announced today that it is opening an antitrust investigation against Microsoft, alleging that the software giant's Spanish and Irish subsidiaries are blocking the sale of software licenses by a third party.

"The CNC has initiated disciplinary proceedings against Microsoft for possible restrictive practices of competition," a translated statement from the agency reads. "The case stems from a complaint filed by Elegant Business ... for a possible violation of the rules of competition to prevent or limit the resale of unjustified software licenses used this operator, especially in the field of PC operating systems."

Few details are currently available, but the Spanish complaint does involve Microsoft's operations in both Spain—Microsoft Iberia—and Ireland. It will probe two possible infractions of Spain's antitrust laws, involving "activities and agreements" of Microsoft that are directed toward preventing or limiting the sales of software licenses by Elegant Business. The National Competition Commission notes that the investigation could take up to 18 months.

TAGS: Windows 8
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