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Sony Ordered To Pay $90 Million, Stop Selling PlayStation

As Sony celebrated the launch of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) last week, a US district court handed the electronic giant a defeat that threatens to take the popular PlayStation and PlayStation 2 consoles off store shelves. The court upheld a decision that ordered Sony to pay a company called Immersion $82 million for infringing on patents related to the vibration technology Sony uses in its Dual Shock controllers. The court raised the judgment to $90 million, which includes interest on the original $82 million, and ordered the company to stop selling the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 consoles, as well as two game controllers and 47 software titles. Sony says that it will appeal the decision; the suspension order won't go into effect until after the company's appeal is heard. The ruling doesn't affect the new PSP, which debuted last week to strong sales. Sony has yet to announce official sales figures, but the company expected the 1 million units it made available at launch to be completely sold out in the first few days of availability

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