Solidcore Partners with Neoware, Inks Deal with Opsware

The last month has been a busy one for change management control software vendor Solidcore, who managed to ink a sales and marketing pact with Opsware, move their headquarters to Cupertino, CA and win some large customers for their Change Control software just within the past few weeks. Now Solidcore has announced that they've joined forces with Neoware to integrate Solidcore's S3 Control Embedded software with Neoware's thin-client computing solutions.

In a statement issued in support of their partnership, Neoware Executive Vice President of Sales Jim Kirby stated that working with Solidcore will "help ensure our systems are not compromised by any unauthorized software changes" and give their customers an enhanced ability to manage and centralize information across their IT infrastuctures. Kirby also explains that Solidcore's change control features allow the Neoware products that use them to eliminate emergency patching and reduce help desk support costs for their customers.

Solidcore's recent agreement with Opsware -- which was just acquired by HP for a whopping $1.6 Billion -- is more noteworthy, and shows that the company is gaining continued traction in the change control software market. In a recent briefing, Solidcore Systems VP or Marketing Bob Vieraitis stressed that the agreement with Opsware demonstrated the validity of Solidcore's approach, noting that Solidcore's S3 Control product was the only 3rd-party program that Opsware currently resells.

Vieraitis mentioned that a key benefit of the integration of their S3 control products with the Opsware Systems 6 solutions suite was the ability to monitor and respond to infrastructure change in real-time. "We bring the ability for real-time tracking and analysis of change management to Opsware," says Vireatis. "Keeping track of change in real-time is important...we can track all changes in real-time, and reconcile those changes in real-time. \[Our solution\] can issue reports on demand, all in an effort to keep our customers in continuous compliance."

This latest partnership indicates that Solidcore's embedded change control solution product is continuiing to gain customers. The company's s3 control software is used by developers of a wide variety of hardware in vertical markets, ranging from storage appliances and automated teller machines to point-of-sale terminals and medical devices.

For more information about Solidcore, visit their website at

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