Sharing printers between Unix and NT.

A. A. I have enclosed instructions for printing to Unix servers (almost the same as for network printers), and also how the NT machine can be used as a gateway for 2 way printing between windows (all versions) and Unix. The Unix use is AIX, although the others should be similar.

Setting up NT for TCP/IP printing

  1. Login as a member of the Administrators Group
  2. Start Control Panel
  3. Double Click Network, and select the Services tab
  4. Click Add, and select "Microsoft TCP/IP printing"
  5. Click OK and then Close
  6. Click "No" to delay reboot
  7. TCP/IP Print server service must be set to start automatically (Start - Settings - Control Panel - Services - TCP/IP Print Server - Startup - Automatic)
  8. Reboot the system
  9. Adding a remote print queue

    1. Double Click "My Computer"
    2. Double click Printers, and select Add Printer
    3. Select "Printer is a local printer", and then continue
    4. Click Add Port, and select "LPR port"
    5. Click New Port and fill in the IP address of the printer (or name from local hosts table) in the top box, enter the remote queue name in the bottom box
    6. Click Next and then select the printer driver
    7. Click Next and select if you want to share it, and then click Finish
    8. To authorize prints from this NT machine, as root edit "/etc/hosts.lpd"
    9. Add the NT machine's IP address (or name if it has an entry in the Unix machine's hosts table)
    10. Sharing NT printers with unix machines

      It is necessary to add a registry key as for UNIX to successfully pass data to an NT server the data type must be set to RAW.

      1. Start the registry editor (regedit.exe)
      2. Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LPDSVC\Parameters
      3. From the Edit menu select New - DWORD value
      4. Enter a name of SimulatePassThrough and press Enter
      5. Double click the new value and set to 1. Click OK
      6. The default value for SimulatePassThrough is 0, which informs LPD to assign data types according to the control commands.

      7. Close the registry editor
      8. Start – Settings – Printers
      9. Right click on printer to be shared
      10. Select properties
      11. Select shared tab
      12. Select shared
      13. Enter share name (this is what the unix machine will see it as)
      14. Select Security tab
      15. Select Permissions
      16. Ensure unix users have permissions to print, either by "everyone" or "network" having permission (Print is all that is required)
      17. Click OK
      18. Create a queue on the unix machine as normal, for a text only print queue on aix use:

      19. run "smit mkpq"
      20. Select "remote"
      21. Select "local filtering before sending to print server"
      22. In the names section, type <desired queue name> against ASCII
      23. Set hostname to be hostname of the NT machine
      24. Set queue to be share name of queue on NT machine
      25. Set type of print spooler to be "BSD"
      26. Press enter to confirm

      Using an NT machine as a Windows - Unix print gateway

      1. Add any unix printers you wish to share to NT machine as shown above.
      2. Share them out as if they were normal print queues.
      3. Add them to all the clients you wish to print to them from
      4. Share out any clients you wish to print from on the unix machine(s) as normal
      5. Add these shared windows printers to the NT machine as normal.
      6. Share them out to the unix machine(s) as shown above
      7. Thanks to Chris Griffiths for this

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