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Reader to Reader: Script to Check File Versions


Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 clients can cause the Exchange Server 5.5 Information Store (IS) to crash if certain conditions are met when users modify rules. The Microsoft article "XADM: Information Store Intermittently Stops Responding and an Access Violation Occurs in EcDSDNFromSz" (http:// discusses this problem.

The problem doesn't affect the IS if the store.exe file version is 5.5.2657.74 or later. One of my company's ISs recently crashed, and we needed to quickly determine the store.exe file version on more than 65 Exchange 5.5 servers.

I used the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in to export the list of servers from the Exchange organizational unit (OU). I placed each server name on a separate line, named this file ExchServers.txt, and saved the file to a working directory from which I would later run the script that Listing 1 shows. This script reads the server names from the ExchServers.txt file and reports the store.exe file's version. You need administrative rights on the target server to run the script.

The script isn't Exchange specific. You can easily modify it to check file versions for other files.

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