Q: Why is the System Center Service Manager console showing random errors, but I don't get these errors on other machines?

A: I had exactly this same problem with random errors on a System Center Service Manager console on a specific machine, but no errors showed on any other machines. This meant the error was on that machine and not the Service Manager service itself.

The quickest solution is to delete the profile of the user having the problem from the local machine, then log in again. A new profile will be created and the problems should be fixed. To delete the profile, perform the following:

1. Log in as a different user on the machine (not as the user having the problem that has administrative rights).
2. Launch the System Control Panel applet (Start, Control Panel, System).
3. Select Advanced System Settings.
4. Select the Advanced tab (so very advanced that we have to select twice).
5. Click the Settings button under the User Profiles section.
6. Select the profile of the user with the error, and click Delete.
7. Click Yes to the confirmation.
8. Click OK to all dialog boxes.
9. Log out, then log in as the user with the problem.
10. Launch the Service Manager console (you might get an initial error that the ID is already in the database but ignore this; it's shown only once). All errors should be gone

TAGS: Windows 8
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