Q. What's in the Windows 7 Launch Party Packs?

A. I just got my Windows 7 launch party pack and thought I'd share. It's pretty neat.

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The contents include:

  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and 32-bit Signature Edition
  • Windows 7 playing cards
  • Windows 7 poster
  • Windows 7 jigsaw puzzle
  • Windows 7 napkins
  • Windows 7 tabletop centerpiece
  • Various offer tokens
  • 10 Windows 7 tote bags
  • Some streamers (no logo)
  • Bag of balloons (no logo)

Obviously, you're supposed to share all this with the guests. However, I'm currently arguing with my wife (who will actually be doing most of the party work) about which stuff I get to keep and which to share with my freeloading guests, who are just coming for the free food and drink. (Those guests who read this: I'm talking about the others, not you :-D.)

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