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Q. What's the Microsoft Partner Pack for Windows XP?

A. The Microsoft Partner Pack for Windows XP is a free package of products for the XP platform that are supplied by Microsoft partners. You can download the full Partner Pack or individual applications in it at Microsoft Web site. The applications in the pack are

  • Google Deskbar, a desktop search bar
  • Desktop Media Gallery, which provides a collection of various templates and images
  • Onfolio Express, an Internet-links-organizer utility
  • Post-it notes for the desktop
  • PayPal Payment Wizard
  • Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager
  • PhotoSite photograph management and sharing software, which lets you create a Web site for digital photos
  • Microsoft Time Zone, a utility that lets you quickly determine the time in other areas of the world
  • Computer Associates' eTrust EZ Antivirus 2005, a free antivirus solution
  • two games: Super Slyder and Serpentine
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