Q: What features are missing from Windows RT's version of Office 2013?

A: Windows RT includes an ARM-based version of Office 2013 Home & Student Edition. However, because it's created for the ARM platform, there are some features missing from the Office Home & Student 2013 RT Preview that are present on a non-ARM version of Office 2013. Primary features missing from the Windows RT version include the following:

  • Macros, add-ins, forms, ActiveX controls (PowerPoint), and custom programs.
  • Send email features (since Outlook isn't part of the RT version of Office 2013).
  • SkyDrive sync integration.
  • Equation Editor.
  • Lync file download.
  • Legacy media or Flash video playback (PowerPoint).
  • Integrated audio and video recording and search (although this could be performed outside of OneNote and then inserted into OneNote).

For full details on the Office RT product, take a look at the Office Home & Student RT Preview Page. See also a Windows RT discussion transcript of an open forum with the Windows RT product team--very interesting!

For help dealing with another Windows RT limitation, see the FAQ "Q: My Windows RT device supports an SD card but the music, videos, and pictures on the SD card can't be added to libraries--how can I add them?" And for more about the productivity aspects of Windows RT and Surface, see Paul Thurrott's  "Taking Surface to Work."

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