Q. The User State Migration Tool and the File and Settings Transfer Wizard do not restore Regional and Language Options in Windows XP?

When you use the USMT (User State Migration Tool) or the FSTW (File and Settings Transfer Wizard) in Windows XP, the Regional and Language Options are NOT transferred from the original to the destination computer.

This behavior would occur if the destination computer language is NOT identical to the original computer language, so Microsoft has disabled transferring Regional and Language Options in both USMT and  FSTW.

To workaround this behavior, manually change the Regional and Language Options on the destination computer after the migration:

1. Start / Run Intl.cpl / OK.

2. Select the Regional Options tab.

3. Select the standards that you want to use, optionally using the Customize button.

4. Select the Advanced tab.

5. Select the Language for non-Unicode programs that you want to use.

6. You may want to check the Apply all settings to the current user account and to the default user profile box.

7. Press Apply and OK.

8. If prompted, restart your computer.

NOTE: See 312965 - How to Troubleshoot Issues with the User State Migration Tool and the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard

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