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Q. I understand the Xbox 360 can now act as a receiver for AT&T U-verse. What's involved?

A. AT&T has released an update for the Xbox 360 that allows the Xbox to act as a receiver. You must have one normal AT&T DVR receiver in the household, but all other receivers can be replaced with Xbox 360s.

The setup process is fairly simple:

  1. You must be logged into an account with Xbox Live enabled.
  2. AT&T will insert a disc into the Xbox that installs the AT&T U-verse application.
  3. When the U-verse application launches, it will register the Xbox with AT&T and link to your U-verse account. You can have up to 7 non-DVR devices per account, and these could all be Xboxes.

Once U-verse is installed, you can launch it without an Xbox Live account signed in.

For each Xbox, you need to purchase a kit for $99, which includes an Xbox remote and the disc. You have to buy the kit for every Xbox you want U-verse on, even if you don't want it. You also have to pay $50 for the AT&T service fee for them to come out and do the installation.

Once it's installed, it works well and is very responsive. It's just a shame you have to pay a $100 for every Xbox to be added.

Xbox Uverse

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