Q. How do I modify the paths used in the Windows 7 libraries?

A. Windows 7 uses libraries, which are a superior version of the "My" folders from Windows XP. Instead of a single folder, a library represents a view of multiple configured folders. (For more information about libraries, see this FAQ.) To change the paths included in a library, right click on a library and select Properties.

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A dialog will appear listing the current folders in the library, including which is the default, and options that dictate if the library is shown in your navigation pane. To remove a folder, select an existing library location and click the Remove button. To add a new location, click the "Include a folder..." button. You can change the default folder by right clicking on a folder and selecting "Set as default save location," as shown here. In the example, I don't use the My Music and Public Music folders. I want to remove them and replace them with the Music folder I have on my data drive, and then make that folder the default.

Note that not all content from new paths will display instantly. The indexer has to gather the information, so you may need to wait, depending on the amount of data in the folder locations added.

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