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Q. How can I configure Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM)?

A. When WSRM is installed, it adds the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Windows System Resource Manager snap-in to the Start menu's Administrative Tools folder. After the snap-in is started, it displays a dashboard view that simplifies WSRM configuration. The configuration process consists of these basic steps:

  1. Use the Process Matching Criteria component to identify all the processes that WSRM should manage.
  2. Use the Resource Allocation Policies component to create a resource-allocation policy that allocates resources to processes you identified in step 1.
  3. Use the Calendar component to schedule when the various resource-allocation policies take effect.

Other WSRM components include Resource Monitor, which shows the current resource usage (similar to Performance Monitor) and Accounting, which you can use to generate reports of resource usage on a per-process basis.

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