Q. How can I add nodes to a Windows Server 2003 cluster?

A. To add a node to a Windows 2003 cluster, perform the following steps. (Remember that additional nodes must be in the same domain as the other cluster members and running the same processor type--for example, all 32-bit or all 64-bit.)

  1. Start Cluster Administrator (Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, Cluster Administrator). Doing so should automatically open your existing cluster.
  2. Right-click the cluster and select New - Node from the displayed context menu.
  3. At the Add Nodes Wizard welcome screen, click Next.
  4. At the wizard page, select the computers that you want to add to the cluster (make sure they appear in the "Selected computers" area), then click Next.
  5. Cluster Administrator will perform the necessary checks on the computers you added. After all checks are completed, click Next.
  6. You're prompted to enter the password for the domain account that's used to run the cluster service, which will have local administrator right on all the new nodes. Enter the account password and click Next.
  7. At the next page, which shows the proposed cluster configuration, click Next to begin configuring the additional nodes.
  8. When the node configuration is finished, click Next, then click Finish.
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