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Only a few days after the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) debuted last month, countless Web sites popped up with innovative way to use the fancy new gadget. The PSP's multimedia and networking features—including Wi-Fi, MemoryStick Duo memory slot, USB port, MP3 playback, and video and photo viewers—has made it relatively easy for enthusiasts to expand system functionality into areas Sony probably never imagined. Hackers have figured out how to add Web browsing, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), eBooks, and TiVo recorded-TV playback capabilities to the PSP. So far, Sony has been silent about these console modifications, but in the past the company hasn't been a big fan of users hacking their consoles. We believe, however, that Sony should embrace the new community that's building up around its portable device, because it will help encourage people to purchase the PSP. The PSP could use the help: Last week, Sony released lackluster sales numbers that showed the device sold 600,000 at launch—far fewer than their original goal of 1 million

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