Peace of Mind While Shopping Online

ScanAlert is helping e-commerce sites increase sales while offering online shoppers a little more peace of mind. The company's HACKER SAFE service helps consumers determine whether a given e-commerce site is secure enough to trust with handling sensitive information, such as credit card numbers.

Consumers can visit the ScanAlert Web site at and query the database to learn whether a particular vendor is certified under the company's HACKER SAFE program. If a company isn't listed, you can provide a Web site address and ScanAlert will contact the operators of that Web site to determine whether it can become HACKER SAFE certified. If ScanAlert can analyze the Web sit, the company will mail the results back to the consumer within 24 hours.

ScanAlert maintains an up-to-date vulnerability database. Everyday, ScanAlert scans the Web sites of merchants that opt into the program and compares them against the database to ensure those sites maintain the security of their systems, as new vulnerabilities become known.  Sites that are found to be secure can display the HACKER SAFE logo on their Web sites, meaning that their systems are secure as of that day.

ScanAlert conducted case studies of several companies that chose to participate in the HACKER SAFE certification program. Companies included in the case studies to date include,,,, and The case studies indicate the sales conversion rates increased from 12 to 32 percent after the business started displaying the HACKER SAFE logo on their respective Web sites. Read more about this study at

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