Paul's Picks: Office 2010 and Zone Alarm

Office 2010 Technology Guarantee

Pros: It's a win-win: Buy Office 2007 now, get Office 2010 for free
Cons: Only for retail copies and PC bundles; free version of Office 2010 is download-only
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Recommendation: Users who purchase any version of Office 2007 between March 5, 2010 and September 30, 2010 will receive a (download-only) copy of the comparable Office 2010 version for free. (Those downloads must occur by October 31, 2010.) To be eligible, you must purchase Office 2007 at retail or bundled with a new PC. This is a no-brainer, and when you consider that the Home and Student version is retailing for about $125 and can be installed on up to three different PCs, it's an even better deal for those who use Office at work and would like similar capabilities at home. There’s no down side to this deal, so if you're considering Office 2010, take a look at Office 2007 today.
Contact: Microsoft
Discussion: SuperSite for Windows: Office 2010

Zone Alarm DataLock

Pros: Inexpensive, provides BitLocker-like full-disk encryption for just $20 per PC
Cons: Doesn't offer functionality for USB devices
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Recommendation: Microsoft offers BitLocker full-disk encryption only on Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate, so users of the more mainstream (and affordable) Professional and Home Premium versions are out of luck. ZoneAlarm steps into the fray, however, with a low-cost solution dubbed DataLock, which offers BitLocker-like functionality without the cost. DataLock adds a second logon screen to your PC that appears at start up, and it works when offline, too, so that thieves can't attach your laptop's hard drive to another system and funnel off your valuable data. And get this: Unlike with BitLocker, there's actually a recovery process in case you ever forget your pass code. If there's a down side to DataLock, it's that it's purely consumer oriented. And of course it doesn't come with a BitLocker-To-Go–like USB device solution either.
Contact: Zone Alarm (CheckPoint)
Discussion: SuperSite for Windows: Zone Alarm DataLock

TAGS: Windows 8
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