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Outlook Tips & Techniques - 10 Apr 2007

Answers to your Microsoft Outlook questions

This is my last regular column for Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP. I've been writing Outlook Tips and Techniques since the first issue of Exchange & Outlook Administrator came out in April 1998. Back then, I covered such topics as recovering data from an .ost file, the location of signature and other setting files, and viewing multiple users' schedules. Not surprisingly, many of the topics from back then are perennial questions and can sometimes be answered the same way now as they were nine years ago! Nowadays, my interest in Microsoft Office Outlook is mostly on the development side rather than on administration and usage, and I'm hoping to pursue some opportunities that are unrelated to Outlook. With Paul Robichaux, Tony Redmond, and the many other authors minding Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP, you still can depend on a steady stream of useful Outlook information.

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