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Outlook: Telling Outlook Which Deleted Items Folder to Use

Can I tell Outlook which Deleted Items folder to use when multiple users access the same mailbox?

If you're logged on to someone else's mailbox as a delegate with the right to delete items, Outlook typically places any items you delete into your Deleted Items folder. However, you might want to let the mailbox owner see which items you've deleted. Open the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Outlook\Options\General registry subkey and add a DWORD entry named DelegateWastebasketStyle. Set the entry's value to 4 to store deleted items in the owner's mailbox, and set the value to 8 to store the items in your Deleted Items folder. Note that you need at least the Author role on the Deleted Items folder in the other person's mailbox to add items there. For more information about this registry edit, see the Microsoft article "OL: Items Deleted from a Shared Mailbox Go to the Wrong Folder" (

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