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Outlook: Resetting MRU Values in the Location List

In the April Outlook Tips and Techniques column (, I reviewed some of the most useful registry changes you can make to configure Outlook 2002. This month, I offer several more. If a particular key or value I mention doesn't already exist in the registry, you must create it to enable the feature I discuss. Before you implement any of these registry changes, I recommend that you read any relevant Microsoft articles, back up the registry, and test thoroughly.

Can I edit the Outlook Appointment form's Location drop-down list?

The Outlook appointment form includes a Location drop-down list that displays the most recently used (MRU) values. You can't edit the list, but you can clear it and reset it. Open the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SoftwareMicrosoft\Office\10.0\Outlook\Preferences registry subkey and delete the LocationMRU value. Outlook will recreate the value the next time you enter a location for an appointment. For more information about this registry edit, see the Microsoft article "OL2002: How to Reset Location List for Appointments or Meetings" (

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