OLAP Survey Respondents Give Analysis Services High Marks

SQL Server 2000's integrated Analysis Services functionality came out on top in several categories in the recent 2001 OLAP Survey, conducted by Survey.com and published by The OLAP Report. The survey asked more than 644 OLAP users from 46 countries to rate 11 vendors on implementation, performance, and overall satisfaction of integrated analysis services. Among the survey's findings were the following: Analysis Services ranked as the No. 1 OLAP product chosen (80 percent) when evaluated against other products and was the No. 1 OLAP server purchased and installed. Analysis Services had the most seat deployments, 40 percent more than its closest competitor. Analysis Services customers achieved a faster time to market than that of other competitors, and Analysis Services had the fastest load and build times of all multidimensional OLAP (MOLAP) competitors. Analysis Services customers reported fewer technical problems than customers of other competitors and have the best perception of product quality, measured by reliability and product stability, compared with customers of the competition

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