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Nintendo Preps DS Launch

Video game giant Nintendo will launch its long-awaited Nintendo Dual Screen (DS) mobile gaming device next month in the United States. And for once, onlookers are impressed by both the number of quality of titles that the company will provide immediately and the device's low price. The Nintendo DS, which features two LCD screens and a cool clamshell design, will retail for just $150. It will include wireless networking features that let customers use text messaging to chat and, obviously, play games against one another. However, the Nintendo DS will also let you download games to other devices so that you can enjoy head-to-head gaming even if your opponent doesn't already have the applicable game. The Nintendo DS will be accompanied by an uncommonly strong software lineup, including an improved version of the hit Super Mario 64, which originally debuted with the Nintendo 64. The new device goes on sale in the United States on November 21

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