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Nintendo Launches DS

Nintendo launched its Nintendo DS, along with a dozen launch titles ranging from sports to racing to platform scrollers. The new portable gaming unit comes with dual screens, voice-recognition, and wireless connectivity. The Nintendo DS received an impressive 2 million preorders before launch—double the number Nintendo predicted. The unit sells for $149.99, but some holiday shoppers might have to resort to paying inflated prices on eBay if Nintendo is unable to meet demand. Many online retailers stopped taking orders for the system due to projected shortages earlier this month. Although the system is launching with only 12 games, the company expects more than 30 games to be available by March. Another big advantage is the Nintendo DS's backward-compatibility with Game Boy Advance and the original Game Boy, giving Nintendo DS owners access to thousands of existing titles. What remains to be seen is how much of an advantage Nintendo realizes by releasing its new system ahead of Sony's much-anticipated entry in the portable game market early next year

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