New & Improved: Centrify Suite 2011, AppTitude 5.0, Smart Defrag 2, Lenovo ThinkStation, and More

Centrify Announces Centrify Suite 2011

Centrify has announced Centrify Suite 2011, which includes enhanced administration and privilege management for UNIX, Linux, and Mac systems; Group Policy support for GNOME desktops; enterprise-hardened DNS capabilities; and expanded platform support.

One key enhancement to the suite is Deployment Manager 1.2, which automates deployment of Centrify Suite on UNIX, Linux, and Mac systems. "With the new Version 1.2 release of Deployment Manager, you can now centrally manage local accounts and groups on systems discovered through DirectManage, whether those systems have been joined to Active Directory or not," wrote Tom Kemp, Centrify CEO, on his blog.

Centrify Suite is an interoperability product that lets you centrally manage and secure an environment with a variety of client OSs. Products within the suite include DirectControl, which controls who can log in where; DirectAuthorize, which controls how and when users can log into UNIX and Linux; DirectAudit, which captures and reports on what users do on UNIX and Linux systems; DirectSecure, which provides end-to-end encryption; and DirectManage, which integrates with Active Directory.

"Centrify Suite 2011 boasts enhanced administration and privilege management capabilities for UNIX/Linux/Mac systems, expanded platform coverage and additional application single sign-on capabilities, allowing enterprises finer grain control and auditing over an expanded set of data center systems and enterprise applications," Kemp said.

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App-DNA Releases AppTitude Application Management

App-DNA has announced AppTitude 5.0, a solution for managing and deploying applications. The product will determine the readiness of your applications to migrate to updated versions. According to the vendor, AppTitude automatically packages all applications (vendor supplied and in-house) that are ready for a new platform, and walks administrators through a ‘guided remediation’ process for the rest. AppTitude 5.0 integrates with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory. To learn more, visit

Cofio Releases AIMstor 2.3

Cofio Software has released AIMstor 2.3, the latest update to its backup and recovery solution. One key differentiator for AIMstor is that in addition to backup and recovery, the solution offers deduplication as well, promising to reduce data sprawl. Features include: secure connections between all distributed AIMstor nodes using Open SSL, firewall friendly for remote offices and workers, "cloud ready" for object storage of archived files and versions with set API, and real-time statistics of repository conditions and activities for snapshots and data transfers. The product also supports SQL and Exchange backup and replication. To learn more, visit

Elevate User Privileges with Privilege Authority

ScriptLogic has released a new product called Privilege Authority Professional that lets IT administrators elevate user privileges to perform needed actions without having to establish the user as a local administrator on their PCs. Privilege Authority Professional works with Active Directory to centrally manage and automate the elevation of privileges for Windows PCs, based on least-privilege best practices. IT administrators retain complete control over PC administrative rights while providing end users specific and limited privileges so they can change computer settings or other configurations necessary for important day-to-day activities. To learn more, visit

NopSec Enhances Risk Management Solution

NopSec has added two new modules (Web Application Assessment module and Internal Assessment module) to VRM, its vulnerability risk management solution. The Web Application Assessment module identifies security vulnerabilities and mis-configurations in the organization's web application infrastructure, protecting business and customer information. The Internal Network Assessment module lets organizations perform security assessments inside the organization through an easy-to-install hardware or virtual scanning appliance. The scanning appliance connects back to the NopSec VRM customer instance in the cloud, letting you remotely control the scan happening in the internal network. To learn more, visit

IObit Releases Smart Defrag 2

IObit announced a new version of the free disk defragment solution Smart Defrag 2. The latest version offers a new UI, a "boot-time defrag" feature, and an improved defrag engine. Smart Defrag 2 can defrag files during the system boot process, which works well with files that cannot be defragged or are risky to move after the system is running. The product can also place frequently used files and directories into the fastest area of the disk, so your computer can run those files at top speed. To learn more, visit

Lenovo Releases New Workstation and Desktop Engines

Lenovo has announced the ThinkStation E30 workstation and ThinkCentre M81 desktop, two new solutions that bring users speedy performance with second-generation Intel Core processors, rapid boot up/shut down, and extra productivity features. The E30 workstation is designed for creative, engineering, and financial professionals running specialized software. It offers 80 or 160GB SSD storage, NVIDIA Quadro or NVS graphics, SATA III, USB 3.0, and 16GB of 1333 mHz error correcting code memory. The E30 starts at $599. The M81 desktop has 160GB SSD storage, the choice of Intel HD graphics or ATI discrete Radeon graphics, SATA III, USB 3.0, and the potential to drive four independent displays by adding a discrete graphics card. The M81 starts at $629. To learn more, visit

Intellinet Unveils Wireless 450N Dual-Band Gigabit Router

Intellinet Network Solutions unveiled the Wireless 450N Dual-Band Gigabit Router. Built to meet the wireless networking needs of small to medium-sized businesses and high-demand home networks, the Wireless 450N delivers data, IP voice, HD video, and real-time audio/video streaming to any type of Wi-Fi enabled device at 450 Mbps. Intellinet has also enhanced the router to increase signal range and provide a more stable, reliable network. The router offers dual-band transceivers so the user can manage traffic between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. To learn more, visit

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