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New & Improved - 29 Jun 2004

Caveo Anti-Theft and Targus DEFCON MDP Anti-Theft PC Cards
617-332-2836, [email protected]

Gartner's surveys indicate that 10 to 15 percent of laptop thefts are committed to obtain confidential data. According to META Group, a typical large company suffers between $1 million to $3 million in laptop losses each year because of theft. In August 2002, five agencies under the US Department of Justice (DOJ) reported 400 missing laptop computers, and it's possible that the missing laptops processed and stored national security or sensitive law-enforcement data.

Caveo Technology's Caveo Anti-Theft and Targus DEFCON MDP Anti-Theft PC Cards offer unique functionality to protect against laptop data theft. The PC Cards provide robust security by detecting motion, analyzing the motion to determine whether a threat exists, and implementing a response. The PC Cards are independent of the computer OS and operate whether the laptop is on or off. When a system armed with a Caveo PC Card is carried beyond a perimeter specified by the user, the PC Card assumes theft and provides a strong response, including preventing access to the OS, securing passwords and encryption keys, and sounding an optional audible alarm. If you recover the stolen computer, you need a robust master code to regain access to the laptop and data.

W. David Lee, CEO of Caveo Technology, says "Laptop theft continues to be a serious security threat. We're seeing enormous interest in Caveo Anti-Theft because it's the only product that deters theft and ensures that confidential information is protected." Pricing is $99.


Access Your Company's AD Corporate Directory
503-706-6533, [email protected]

OrgFinder released OrgFinder 2003, a Web application for Active Directory (AD) that lets you quickly view detailed information about any user in your company. The software ships with several Web services interfaces so that corporate developers don't need to learn Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Microsoft AD Service Interfaces (ADSI). Built on the Windows .NET Framework, OrgFinder can serve thousands of users and works in a Web server farm. You select which AD fields to display, and you determine the order in which to display them. OrgFinder costs $899 for one AD forest and covers all users and installations on an unlimited number of servers. The OrgFinder Web Part for SharePoint is available for $199 for one AD forest.


Use a Network Management Service
831-621-1815, 888-210-7459

Exceedio released Exceedio System Monitor, a Web-hosted network management and monitoring service that can consolidate and archive event logs. The service can manage events and system information for any size infrastructure. You can view system details from anywhere by using a browser and receive real-time notification about important events. You don't have to worry about configuration or reboots. Exceedio System Monitor can list the software and patches that are installed across all your systems. The service provides you with reports for event-log events and software inventory. Exceedio System Monitor supports Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT systems. Pricing is $129 annually for each monitored system.


Manage Important Business Applications
617-532-1600, 800-441-4330

ManageSoft released ManageSoft 7.0, an automated software-management suite that includes ManageSoft for Windows Deployment 7.0, ManageSoft IT Business Intelligence 7.0, and ManageSoft Security Patch Management 7.0. The suite lets you automatically deploy, update, and manage crucial business applications for fixed and mobile computers in your company. The software lets each managed device compare its current state—including applications, business data, and digital content—with a centrally defined desired state, then automatically repairs the differences. The suite also performs security-vulnerability assessments, security-patch rollouts, trend analysis,
geographic mapping, and cost analysis. Pricing is discounted according to volume.


Defrag Your Registry
[email protected]

Elcor Software released Registry Defragmentation 5.0, software that performs physical defragmentation of the Windows registry file and removes unused entries. The software can increase computer speed and prevent computers from freezing and crashing. As you uninstall applications on your computer, not all program components are removed, which makes computer performance unpredictable. Registry Defragmentation can fix many of these registry-related problems. The software runs on Windows 2003/XP/2000/ NT/Me/9x systems and costs $11.95 for a license.


Recover Deleted Files Without IT Help
818-771-1600, 800-829-6468

Executive Software released Undelete 4.0, a file-recovery utility that provides real-time data protection with instant recovery for your servers and workstations. Many files bypass the Recycle Bin when a user deletes them. Undelete replaces the Recycle Bin with a Recovery Bin that captures all deleted files so that you can recover them instantly. New features let the end user connect to the deleted files for retrieval. Users don't have to wait for the IT department to restore data. The PushInstaller feature, which is included with Undelete 4.0 Server Edition, lets you remotely install licensed copies of Undelete Professional Edition to your company's desktop PCs. Undelete 4.0 runs on Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT and is available in a home edition for $29.95, workstation version for $39.95, and server version for $299.95.


Automate Computer Tasks

NeoWise Software released RoboTask 2.0, software that lets you automate tasks on your computer, including launching applications, checking and sending email messages, moving or backing up files, and uploading and downloading files. You can also program RoboTask to perform tasks that are triggered by any event. You can use RoboTask to run applications and open documents, manage automatic backups, alert you to any changes in your folders, shut down Windows and power off your computer, process files and folders, and work with FTP and Web servers. You don't need programming skills to perform automation. RoboTask can run as a Windows NT service so that users don't have to log on to take advantage of the automation features. RoboTask supports Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/98 systems and costs $99.95 for one license.


Benchmark Your PC Performance
[email protected]

PassMark Software released Performance Test 5.0, software that lets you benchmark server or desktop PC performance. To give an overall rating, Performance Test takes a PC through a battery of tests that measure the speed of each major PC component. You can view the benchmark results in easy-to-read bar charts, and you can graph as many as 20 systems simultaneously. You can run CPU tests, which include mathematical operations, compression, and encryption. Other tests include 2-D graphics tests, 3-D graphics tests, memory tests, and CD/DVD tests. Performance Test supports Windows 2003/XP/ 2000/98 systems and costs $24 for a single-user license. Multiuser and site licenses are also available.


Optimize Windows Performance
[email protected]

TuneUp Software released TuneUp Utilities 2004, software that lets you optimize Windows performance and tune your Windows interface so that it works the way you want it to. The software lets you personalize your desktop, remove clutter from your hard disk, increase PC performance, accelerate your Internet connection, recover deleted files, and destroy sensitive files. The software's information manager provides information about how your hardware and software is running. The 1-Click maintenance function cleans your computer with a single click. TuneUp Utilities 2004 runs on Windows XP/2000/ Me/98 systems and costs $39.99.

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