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New & Improved - 27 Aug 2003


Restore Failed Systems, 512-330-9130, 800-408-8415

Winternals Software released Recovery Manager, an automated recovery solution for enterprise networks that can restore and recover unstable and unbootable Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT systems. Recovery Manager automatically creates snapshots of essential system files according to schedules that you define. The software, which can function remotely and from a single installation, works by scheduling Recovery Points—snapshots of a machine's system and configuration files. When problems occur, the software rolls back to a previously recorded stable condition, without data loss. The software automatically installs a boot client on all scheduled systems, so you can remotely boot systems from one Recovery Manager installation. Recovery Manager is priced on a per-node basis for servers and workstations. Pricing is $299 per server, $29 per workstation, and $69 per management console.


Schedule Jobs, 310-643-7310, [email protected]

ISE released EnterpriseSCHEDULE 6.0, job-scheduling software that can control, monitor, and administer tasks. The software can automate batch job scheduling and system-resource management. EnterpriseSCHEDULE can provide an enterprisewide, consolidated view of job activity with one interface for administering, monitoring, and controlling workload. The interface lets an administrator grant users specific areas of control. EnterpriseSCHEDULE can integrate Windows, Hewlett-Packard's HP OpenVMS, Linux, and UNIX platforms through a common data format. Contact vendor for pricing.

Automatically Run Tasks, 925-335-2554

Isuru released On-Time Operator 3.0, an application that can automatically run scheduled tasks. The software triggers an executable program at predetermined intervals, which you can set in 20-minute increments or for a specific time of day (e.g., during evening hours). The software can forward an email message to your pager to notify you when a process finishes or fails. The Automatic File Manager feature can create, clear, duplicate, back up, compare, move, rename, remove, restore, split, and merge files and folders. You can order special separate add-on features such as drop-box triggering, file-transfer auditing, network file transfer, pop-up extermination, and ISP dial-up. Each add-on feature distributes as a .dll file. On-Time Operator 3.0 costs $29.95 for a single-user license and runs on Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/9x systems.

Automate Policy, Administration, Auditing, 508-481-2200, [email protected]

Xevo released XevoWorks 4, administration and access-management software that configures and maintains administrator privileges and end-user information-access rights, automates service provisioning to end users, provides real-time local and central activity reporting, identifies and closes network security gaps, and audits and reconciles security settings across the entire Windows network. XevoWorks 4 comprises a suite of modules that includes Xevo Administration Manager, Xevo Provisioning Manager, and Xevo IT Audit Manager. Xevo Administration Manager lets you control the distribution of management rights. Xevo Provisioning Manager extends Xevo Administration Manager's capabilities to provide timely IT services, including adding or removing users to User Roles, enabling or disabling Windows network access, configuring and deprovisioning applications and resources, and granting or revoking permissions. Xevo IT Audit Manager interrogates the Windows environment to resolve security gaps, policy discrepancies, and violations. Pricing is based on user accounts and starts at $15 per account. Suite and volume discounts are available.


Reduce System Startup Time, [email protected]

MetaProducts released Startup Organizer 1.9, software that lets you access all the programs that start when you log on to your PC and shortens the system startup process. Startup Organizer can inspect, edit, and temporarily disable programs that start when Windows loads. The Controlled Startup feature lets you skip certain programs from start-up. The StartUp Guard feature detects nonstandard ways to run applications when Windows starts. For example, you can control the order in which programs launch so that you can ensure that your firewall is running before Internet connections are established. Startup Organizer 1.9 runs on Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/9x systems and costs $25.

Safely Clean the Windows Registry, [email protected]

QSX Software Group released Registry Clean Pro, a software program that fixes errors in and optimizes the performance of the Windows registry. The program won't delete a registry entry if the action will harm a user's computer. The software analyzes suspicious registry keys and monitors the registry in background mode. Registry Clean Pro can schedule regular scans to locate and fix registry errors as soon as they occur. You can use the program to check for errors in start-up, shared DLLs, fonts, application information, COM/ActiveX, file extensions, shared folders, Most Recently Used lists, and Help files. Registry Clean Pro costs $29.95 and runs on Windows XP/2000/Me/98 systems.

Recover Lost Files, [email protected]

Recover My Files released Recover My Files, data-recovery software that can bring back lost computer files, including documents, graphics, .zip files, video, and MP3 files. Recover My Files searches the hard disk to identify deleted files by their remaining file structure. The software recovers more than 30 file types, supports digital-camera formats, and executes from a 3.5" disk for a no-risk recovery. You can use Recover My Files to locate Microsoft Outlook .pst files that have been deleted and emptied from the Recycle Bin. You can also recover deleted Outlook Express .dbx files, which you can place in a new directory; you can then point Outlook Express to that directory to open the files. Pricing is $69.95.


Use a Rugged Server, 626-964-2600, [email protected]

Broadax Systems (BSI) released PServer R9, a portable server that's built with dual 2.8GHz Xeon processors, as much as 12GB of Double Data Rate (DDR) PC3200 SDRAM, and four drive bays for 7200-rpm or 10,000rpm hard disks. The server's chassis is rugged enough to resist jarring. The PServer R9 also includes a large flat-panel screen, detachable keyboard with touch pad, and amplified speakers. You can incorporate third-party video cards. The server starts at $7995.


Retina Network Security Scanner, 949-349-9062,
866-339-3732, [email protected]

Eeye Digital Security's Retina Network Security Scanner can scan every machine on your network—as well as network devices, databases, and third-party applications—for network vulnerabilities. Automatic features can facilitate scheduling, repair common system problems, and update the application. Retina's techniques don't intrude on or exploit the network during the scanning operation. Retina also updates vulnerability databases on a near-daily basis to protect against new vulnerabilities. The Auto-Update function lets you download the most recent vulnerability checks. You can launch Auto-Update manually or you can set it to run at the beginning of every Retina session.

Firas Raouf, Eeye Digital Security's chief operating officer (COO), said, "The SQL Sapphire worm that emerged in January was one of three wake-up calls, including CodeRed and Nimda, for administrators. Proactive vulnerability assessment and remediation management are fundamental to ensuring that networks aren't susceptible to the unrelenting discovery of new such exploitable weaknesses."

Wireless security is an increasing concern and Retina can detect wireless Access Points (APs) that an intruder might have established on your network. The software uses Common Hacker Attack Methods (CHAM) technology to work as an intruder might, by attempting to penetrate your network and detect hidden vulnerabilities, so that you can secure your network better. Retina can scan all OSs, including Windows, UNIX, and Linux. The Auto-Fix function lets you correct common security problems such as vulnerable registry settings and file permissions. Retina pricing is based on the number of IP addresses that you want to scan and the number of users licensed to perform scans.

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