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New & Improved - 24 Jun 2003


Copy Complete Hard Disks or Selected Partitions, 805-579-6700

NovaStor released InstantRecovery 4.0, disaster-recovery software that lets you copy complete hard disks or selected partitions to any media type, including hard disk, CD-ROM, tape, and other removable media. You can create and access hard disk images over the network on a server or through a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. You can use InstantRecovery to migrate to a new hard disk, clone a hard disk, or archive hard disk images. InstantRecovery is available in two editions: InstantRecovery Personal Edition ($44.95), which works with Direct Attached Storage (DAS) devices, and InstantRecovery Professional Edition ($99.95), which communicates with network storage devices such as servers and NAS devices.


Manage Outlook from any Connected Device, 603-889-3883, 800-372-9776

imagine LAN announced Email-to-Go for Outlook, a product that lets Windows XP users send, receive, and manage Microsoft Outlook email from any Internet-connected device. The product runs from a USB Flash drive or portable storage device so that you don't need to install Email-to-Go on more than one device. When you first use Email-to-Go, you must port your Outlook configuration, Address Book, and email folders to a USB Flash drive. Email-to-Go costs approximately $29 per device license.


Automate and Schedule Tasks, 703-378-6058

Arcana Development released adTempus, batch job­scheduling software that lets users automate and schedule task execution. The software features built-in scripting support to execute Windows Script Host (WSH) scripts that can return result codes to adTempus. You can use script libraries to share commonly used code and data among scripts. You can configure the software to link jobs, retry failed jobs, capture files and reports that jobs create, send email messages to notify users of a job's status, and run additional scripts. adTempus tightly integrates with Windows security, and you can adjust each user's access level to the adTempus server and the jobs on the server. The software costs $149 per server and runs on Windows XP/2000/NT systems.

Manage and Monitor Network Device Response Times, 908-561-5210

Breakout Software released MonitorIT 5.1, software that lets you manage and monitor the availability, response times, health, and performance of your organization's network devices. The software features a new reporting capability that can schedule automatic and periodic report generation. You can monitor, detect, alert, diagnose, collect information about, and report on Windows servers, workstations, and SNMP and syslog-enabled servers and devices from a local or remote Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)­based console. MonitorIT's ServerWatch component monitors any server or device; the SNMP TrapWatch and SNMP CounterWatch components monitor SNMP-enabled servers and devices; the SYSLOG Watch component monitors syslog-enabled devices; and the EventLogWatch, FileWatch, Windows CounterWatch, and WinServicesWatch components monitor Windows servers and workstations. MonitorIT pricing depends on the number of servers and devices monitored.

Automate Patch Management, 858-676-2277, 800-782-3762

St. Bernard Software released UpdateEXPERT 6.0, an automated patch-management tool to manage, test, and validate new patch releases. The software features intelligent version-checking functionality that automatically validates files according to checksum, file size, and version information. UpdateEXPERT performs automated patch-inventory and research-deployment functions for workstation and server OSs. The software uses a research database and analytical information that St. Bernard's patch experts update throughout the week. You can review and deploy validated patches to multiple machines according to user-defined criteria. UpdateEXPERT 6.0 is available in 1- to 3-year subscription pricing plans, which include all upgrades, technical support, and access to the update database. Subscription pricing depends on the number of users and starts at $1400 for a 1-year subscription that supports 1 to 100 workstations.


Provide VM Support to Laptops, Desktops, and Servers, 650-475-5000

VMware announced VMware Virtual SMP, symmetric multiprocessing software that lets a virtual machine (VM) span multiple processors to handle resource-intensive applications, including databases, enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, and email servers. VMware Virtual SMP increases available computing power and lets multiple processors work in parallel on one guest OS image. You can use the software to increase scalability and throughput on a VM. The software is an add-on utility for VMware ESX Server, enterprise VM software for consolidating and partitioning servers in high-performance environments. Contact VMware for pricing information.


WinINSTALL LE 2003, 239-495-0541, 866-495-0541

In 1997, Microsoft asked the WinINSTALL development team to create the first repackager for Windows 2000. Microsoft decided not to include a Windows Installer in Windows Server 2003, but OnDemand Software will continue to provide a free standard edition MSI repackager.

The new version, WinINSTALL LE 2003, is designed specifically for Windows 2003 and helps systems administrators or developers to build and edit .msi files and supports other MSI formats such as .msp, .msm, and.mst. WinINSTALL LE 2003 features capture and convert functionality, SetupCapture and Application Watch, and the ability to convert legacy installations into Windows Installer packages. You can also use WinINSTALL LE 2003 to build packages for deployment through Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) and Marimba.

Jack Palmer, OnDemand Software president and CEO, said, "IT administrators shouldn't be forced to pay for standard MSI packaging functionality. There is a much larger problem to solve, which is managing the entire life cycle of corporate desktops. That is what WinINSTALL's mission is guided toward. WinINSTALL LE 2003 continues our commitment to provide free MSI packaging for millions of administrators worldwide and continues to focus on lowering costs associated with managing the entire desktop."

WinINSTALL LE 2003 supports Windows 2003 and Win2K. The product is available for free download at OnDemand Software's Web site.


Better Understand Windows Server 2003, 617-848-6000

Addison-Wesley released Inside Windows Server 2003 by William Boswell and The Ultimate Windows Server 2003 System Administrator's Guide by Robert Williams and Mark Walla. Inside Windows Server 2003 informs you about using Windows 2003 to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot systems. The Ultimate Windows Server 2003 Administrator's Guide provides details about the new features in Windows 2003. You can learn about security changes, Active Directory (AD) changes, and changes to Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Inside Windows Server 2003 costs $59.99 and The Ultimate Windows Server 2003 System Administrator's Guide costs $49.99.

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