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More pseudo-folder fun

Thanks to WinInfo subscribe Denis Howlett for this tip: many of you will remember (for good or bad, I suppose) last week's "hack" to get cascading folder items on your Start Menu. This is similar to that, but involves creating Internet Mail and News "pseudo-folders" that can display inside the Windows Explorer program. The way it works is that an Internet Mail or News icon will appear in the left pane of Explorer. When you click on the icon, it loads into the right pane of Explorer--not a separate window. You might recall this effect from the early previews of IE 4, or maybe even from the first release of Internet Mail and News, when this was actually how they worked. That's all changed, but you can get this interesting effect back by created a new folder, and naming it one of the following: Mail.\{89292102-4755-11cf-9DC2-00AA006C2B84\} News.\{89292103-4755-11cf-9DC2-00AA006C2B84\} As you might expect, an Internet Mail or News folder will appear. Place the icon anywhere in your drive hierarchy and view it with Explorer (not My Computer). Click on the icon in the left pane and watch the program load into the right. This is the way Microsoft advertised all Internet program execution early in the development stages of IE 4: Web page were also loaded into this pane in the same way and the toolbar would change to support the current program. By the way, this doesn't affect your Registry at all, so if that is a fear, please be advised. Also, the TweakUI "Create As File" option only creates a file, not a "pseudo folder," so this is the only way I'm aware of to create this effect. --Pau

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