Migration Issues

During the project, the Comit Gruppe encountered several problems that affected the overall project. If you are planning a similar integration, you will want to consider these areas.

Hardware Not on the Hardware Compatibility List
Hardware not on Microsoft's Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) caused the Comit Gruppe problems with unsupported video cards, network cards, and sound cards. As a result, the company had to either update hardware drivers or replace the hardware with hardware from the HCL.

Disk Space on PCs
Installing Windows NT Workstation 3.51 requires approximately 90MB of available hard disk space, which resulted in some older PCs not having the necessary free space. To eliminate this problem, the Comit Gruppe had to perform the time-consuming exercise of tracking and deleting unnecessary files or, in extreme cases, replacing the disk.

End-User Training
After the Comit Gruppe installed NT Workstation 3.51, the company had to educate the users about logging on to the domain as opposed to logging on to individual servers, and about the importance of shutting down NT properly before turning off the PC.

Power Management and Plug and Play
NT 3.51 provides little power-management support for portable PCs and doesn't support Plug and Play devices, which forces mobile users to shut down the machine every time they want to switch PC Cards.

Upgrade to 32-Bit Software
Although NT supports most 16-bit applications, the Comit Gruppe had to upgrade antivirus scanning software, certain communication utilities, and disk utilities to NT-compatible versions.

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