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Microsoft Wish and beta testing

A couple of people have asked me about Microsoft Wish this week, so I thought I'd explain it briefly. Microsoft has a form on the Web you can fill out, where you "wish" for new features in existing programs, or for new programs. The official description: Let us know how we can improve our products. Wishes can include: • Ideas for new or improved features • Services you would like to see added • Ways to make products easier to use • New Product Ideas You can find a link to Microsoft Wish at the Microsoft Technical Support feedback page at Another popular question regards beta testing Microsoft products. Anyone can sign up for beta tests, and believe it or not, it actually works sometimes. If you'd like to beta test a Microsoft product, send a blank e-mail to [email protected]. A bot will send you an automatic reply, with a list of the information Microsoft will need to consider your application. Once you have this list, you should send one e-mail to that same address for each product you wish to test. Then cross your fingers: I've actually gotten on several tests this way, so you never know. Good luck

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