Microsoft Sold Just 600,000 Xbox 360s in US in 2005

Microsoft's Xbox 360 might have generated a lot of hype, press, and excitement during its late 2005 rollout, but the company managed to sell only 600,000 units in the United States last year, a paltry figure that highlights how badly supply problems have hurt sales. Given the demand, Microsoft could easily have sold several million Xbox 360 consoles if it had them ready for sale, but now that several weeks of disappointment have passed, one has to wonder whether the software giant hasn't wasted a historic opportunity to unseat Sony. Now, Sony is getting ready to unleash its PlayStation 3, although the console probably won't debut in the United States until late 2006. Something tells me the PlayStation 3 will help Sony continue its dominance, but there are rumors that it might cost as much as $500. Game over? We should know soon

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