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Microsoft Ships Public Antispyware Beta

Late last night, Microsoft shipped its public beta of Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (see the first URL below), which is based on the antispyware application that Giant Company Software previously sold. (Microsoft purchased Giant in December.) In addition, Microsoft announced that it will soon ship the first monthly installment of a malicious software removal tool that will help customers remove malware such as worms and viruses. The first version of that tool will appear January 11, the same day Microsoft issues its monthly security bulletins.
"Customers have told us that they need solutions that make it easier to keep computers protected from emerging and ever-changing threats," Mike Nash, corporate vice president of Microsoft's Security Business and Technology Unit, said. "The solutions we're announcing today will offer customers additional resources to help to protect their PCs against spyware and viruses on an ongoing and predictable basis."
The Windows AntiSpyware Beta 1 release visually and functionally resembles Giant AntiSpyware but lacks a few features, so Microsoft is advising Giant customers who have active subscriptions to retain that version. As WinInfo Daily UPDATE readers know, I recently wrote a lengthy overview of Giant AntiSpyware, and most of that information still applies to Microsoft's public beta (see the second URL below).

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)

Microsoft AntiSpyware Preview

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