Microsoft Ships Major Software Update for Xbox 360

On Tuesday, Microsoft shipped the first major software update for the Xbox 360, which will be delivered automatically to all Internet-connected Xbox 360 consoles. The update adds more than 125 new features to the Xbox 360, according to Microsoft.

"With more than half of all Xbox 360 gamers connected online, Xbox is further catering to its fans by delivering the spring update in the way they want it," a Microsoft representative wrote in a statement. "This free update will be digitally distributed over Xbox Live to all members with no disc or hard drive required to take advantage of the plethora of new features."

The new features are divided among the console's Xbox Live Marketplace, media player, and DVD movie playback functionality. The biggest feature is, perhaps, the most eagerly awaited: a new download manager that lets Xbox 360 users download as many as six High Definition (HD) game demos, Xbox Live Arcade games, music videos, and movie trailers simultaneously in the background while they play games or access other parts of the Xbox 360 Dashboard.

This week, I'll be reviewing the Xbox 360 Spring 2006 Update on the SuperSite for Windows.

TAGS: Windows 8
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