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Microsoft Releases Web Matrix - 13 Jan 2011

Web Matrix is a new  low-end web development tool from Microsoft. Web Matrix is completely free. It’s designed to make it easy for novice developers to incorporate open-source web applications like Word Press, Drupal and nopCommerce into their new sites by providing built-in templates for these applications. Web Matric also introduces a new php-like Razor syntax for generating HTML web pages.

A key tenant of Web Matrix is simplicity and as such its doesn’t offer advanced development features like visual editing or code behind. Personally, I wonder if a code-based development tool that’s geared toward novice developers will  really succeed. Even so, web matrix has a couple of very nice built-in tool. It’s built-in twitter feed makes it a snap to integrate twitter posts on your site. Plus, its built SEO tool can analyze you site for things that will hinder its placement by search engines like Google and Bing.

You can check out Web Matrix at: or

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