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Microsoft releases beta Outlook 97 add-in

No, it's not the Internet-style replies we all want, but today Microsoft released a new Wizard for Outlook that will allow rules-based E-mail filtering for users without Exchange Server on the backend. First impressions of the rules-bases filtering update are not so positive in the Outlook 97 newsgroup. Unfortunately, it matches the "To:" name as it appears in Outlook, not the actual Internet E-mail address. According to Microsoft's Dave Gagne, this is a mistake: "The fact that it matches on the display name is a bug. The FAQ wasn't posted in time to explain this. The FAQ contains a workaround which should be available soon. This will be fixed in the final version." I think this feature is killer: if you use Outlook you may want to check it out, even at this early stage. You can download the update at:

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