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Microsoft Prices Xbox One Accessories

Microsoft Prices Xbox One Accessories

No surprises here, folks

Microsoft this week implicitly revealed the pricing for various Xbox One accessories by making them available for pre-order from its online store. A standalone Xbox One wireless controller, wireless controller with Play and Charge Kit, a standalone Play and Charge Kit, and Chat Headset are now available to preorder.

Let me get the suspense out of the way: Pricing appears to be slightly higher to that of similar accessories for the Xbox 360, but since 360 accessories won’t work with the Xbox One, the $499 you’re spending on the console is only the beginning.

Here’s what’s available:

Xbox One Wireless Controller

Price: $59.99 in the US.

This is the standard wireless controller, similar in appear to today’s Xbox 360 wireless controller, which now sells for $49.99, though $59.99 has always been the price point for premium versions of the controller, such as the gray version with transforming d-pad. This version does not include a rechargeable battery (like the stock Xbox 360 version) but comes with two AA batteries instead.

Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

Price: $24.99

This set includes a rechargeable battery pack for a wireless controller plus a charging cable that you plug into the controller. The Xbox 360 version of this kit is $19.99.

Xbox One Wireless Controller with Play and Charge Kit

Price: $74.99

This package combines an Xbox One wireless controller with the Play and Charge Kit for $10 less than buying them separately. As expensive as this is, most serious Xbox One users will want the rechargeable battery and thus will want this instead of a stock controller. A similar package for Xbox 360 now costs $64.99.

Xbox One Chat Headset

Price: $24.99

For all the complaining about being forced to buy Kinect when you get an Xbox One, we probably should be complaining about this, too: The console doesn’t come with even a cheap headset, as did the 360. So you can buy this cheap headset instead (and I suspect we’ll see nicer versions, as well as wireless versions, down the road.) An Xbox 360 Headset is $19.99.

This isn’t an accessory per se, but the Microsoft Store is also listing an Xbox One-themed version of the 1-year Xbox Live Gold membership retail card. And unlike the above accessories, this one is a bit of a deal assuming you need it: The Day One 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership gives you one year of XBLG, of course, but also provides the game Killer Instinct: Round One with an exclusive in-game character. Oh, and it includes a “commemorative card and case” for you hoarders.

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