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Microsoft on the Mac

Microsoft will make a triumphant return to the Mac next week at MacWorld, with the final release of Macintosh versions of Internet Explorer 3.0 and Front Page 97. Microsoft will also announce a new technology, ActiveX Part Adapter, that allows ActiveX programs to run through OpenDoc-compatible programs such as Apple's Cyberdog. These programs are notable because they represent the way Microsoft has made a turn for the better since the disastrous introduction of the Mac version of Word 6 in 1994. Slow and Windows-like, the word processor was panned by critics and users alike, and Microsoft had to release several bug fixes and speed enhancers before the clamor died down. Today, Microsoft has ceased trying to make Mac applications look like their Windows counterparts, and uses real Mac programmers and programming tools for their Mac software releases. Microsoft will also show off other new Mac programs next week, including TextChat, an ActiveX control that also Web chatting, and Comic Chat, a popular visual IRC client from Windows 95 and NT

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